Private Consultation

Take Advantage of a Complimentary Second Opinion Consultation

After one of my educational seminars, I had a gentleman take me up on a complimentary consultation. When we met I looked over his paperwork and discovered that his required minimum distribution (RMD) was due the next week. (I discuss RMDs in The S.A.F.E. Money Method book, chapter 7: IRA mishaps)

He had never heard of a RMD and had no idea he was about to be slammed with a huge tax bill. If he had not taken advantage of my complimentary consultation, he would have paid the IRS $5,875 dollars, plus penalties and fees. I was delighted to help him, and you can imagine how happy he was that he accepted my offer of a free consultation.

Most financial advisors charge $250 and more just to speak with you. I’m not like them. A consultation with me won’t cost you a dime. Bring your questions and concerns to our chat. I’ll take a look at what you have in place and point to areas where you may be leaking precious dollars. I’ll show you holes in your retirement plan that other advisors may have overlooked.

Just call 505-256-4878 to schedule your complimentary second opinion consultation.

When we meet, I can assure you that our conversation will be focused only on your goals and objectives. I’ll never pressure you or make assumptions about our working together. If there is a mutual fit, you can decide if you’d like to proceed.

You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.

Zig Ziglar

I live by Zig’s philosophy. I believe in being of service. I’m willing to give you insight and information that other financial advisors won’t tell you because they’re more concerned with their interests than yours. It’s up to you. Are you open to receiving help?

Helping people is what I do — been doing it for over 26 years. My clients love me for guiding them through the maze of retirement and showing them how to grow their assets and keep their nest egg safe.

Call 505-256-4878 to schedule your complimentary second opinion consultation